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As much as I like Tony Horn personally, his own sworn defense testimony in his trial was effectively that he was in way over his head. I just can't see voting for him for an office where the water is even deeper.

Well, Nathan... first a correction.... First, the blog stands corrected on the race between McCarty and Biddle: Biddle is actually running as an independent not on the Republican ticket. The effect of that is unknown but in what has become a Republican leaning precinct (Hutchison) it may have been to Biddle's advantage had he been on the Republican ticket. Running as an independent in some other precinct might have been different.

Yes, Nathan... I agree with you on the judge's race. I witnessed nearly the entire trial of Tony Horn and the whole defense theme centered on how unprepared for the job he was and so forth. It is true that they blamed that on the Judge and fiscal court but you have to wonder why you file to run for an office that you are so totally by your own admission unprepared for. I think Tony is well liked by many and hate to be harsh on him but his defense at the trial was almost incredible. In an effort to explain inconsistencies in statements to state police for example the defense stated that Horn was 61 years old and couldnt remember what happened a month ago. Unless that condition has improved, I agree with you that it is hard to see how the outcome is going to be any better in the deeper water of the judges office, as you put it.

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