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I agree with you about Gatewood. He would make a good Governor but I'm not sure of the people of Kentucky will ever elect him. However I would predict that Richie would win because he is a former Wildcat and people recognize the name. Remember when everyone was calling Pitino and saying "Is Richie going to play tonight coach?"

Yeah i agree. Gatewood probably cant get out of the low 30's. So it would have to be a three way race. Richie's popularity would start out high but he would have to deal with Mitch and all the other political issues and who knows.. It might get interesting.

Gatewood has always made alot of good sense, I support this good man.

When Gatewood had his law office upstairs there on Short Street behind the old courthouse in Lexington, he had a framed pen and ink drawing on his office wall called "The Journey". It was a detailed drawing, illustrating every single imaginable pitfall and trap that we humans can typically fall into as we move through this thing we call Life, from beginning to end.
I was simply there for a minute to deliver a package or maybe a legal document, but the brief encounter was memorable. He noticed my interest in the drawing, and took the time to stop what he was doing to jot down a name and address where I could, too, get a copy of this same drawing. He had a friend/contact at the time in the Post Office Building complex over off Liberty Rd. And to this day, a copy of that drawing has hung on the wall where I live.
Point: He is a man who has also had an interesting "journey" throughout his life, and there's a book out there as well. I, for one, am happy and supportive to see him still having the good sense to claim Kentucky as his home.

Gatewood is a genius, Gatewood is an iconoclast.

But in a governor, we need an executive and a manager....

One of my absolutely favorite things about Kentucky is that Gatewood has voice in our civic affairs and that such a large segment of us listen to what he has to say. It speaks so well of us that we pay attention to him as a secular prophet.

Gatewood is no executive; he is no manager.....
And over time, prophets becoming rulers has generally worked out badly.

(And by extension, when we project the role of prophet onto our leaders, as so many have with Obama, that works out just as badly.)

I swear! I just read that Obama won the Nobel..... OMG What a nightmare!
This can't possibly work out well....

For those that wonder about Gatewood's "management" ability....let's just see how he manages his campaign!!! Here is a question that needs to be answered. Do we want an honest, hard working, non-politician, truthful, independent thinker that owes nothing to the special interest or any political party? Or do we want more of the same? Move over political parties.........Independence with an Independent is on its way.

Gatewood Galbraith is the change that Kentuckians need so desperately. Many people are afraid of change and this is why we keep plummeting lower and lower in every economic, educational, and environmental level compared to other states. We have the corrupt in office who have only money and power on their agenda. They are not in touch with what is going on in this state. For Change to happen citizens need to step outside of their box and take that chance. www.gatewood.com


Thanks for your insightful comment about Gatewood. I think a lot of his supporters feel a personal connection with him and his 'journey' just as you describe. But see my reply to the comment of Nathan Zing.

Nathan (Zing)
Whats the chances of two Nathan's on this post? I think your comment about Galbraith's managerial experience is well taken. Clearly, the other prospective candidates will have elected experience. While the Galbraith faithful may say that is exactly why we need Gatewood since they have the experience and what they have been doing isnt working, I would caution the Galbraith folks not to disregard your sentiment. What can the Galbraith campaign do about this perceived weakness? He can't make himself a two term congressman. I wonder if the campaign could look at making a pre-election announcement of the administration's chief of staff and, in a real coup, attempt to land a well known individual to that post. I have no idea of who such a person would be but i am thinking of a person with credentials like a Mike Maloney, someone with experience in Frankfort. Would this help show that Galbraith, the prophet, might also be able to make the trains run on time?
As you know i am a life long Republican from a family of Democrats and i used to describe myself as a closet libertarian. Put another way i feel like a piano player without a piano. I sense that many others feel that way and this probably plays the kind of chords the Galbraith campaign can orchestrate into a harmonious crescendo, if they hit all the right notes next year.

Sometimes it seems we loose focus on how diverse Kentucky is...

The John Sherman Copper/Hal Rodgers/Caleb Powers Republicans of Southeastern KY - they invented the Republican Party and voted for Lincoln... They are not Dixie-crats who just vote Republican.

Those Black Patch folks out in Western KY.

Urban Louisville, an sophisticated, world-class city. Forests that have never seen an ax.

Stunning wealth, 3rd world poverty.

We still have power BIG LABOR unions interest, especially in the coal fields.

The Catholics in the North and along the Ohio; the old-time Calvinists in the Mountains.

And recently, we have a new population of Mexicans and a whole new language to accommodate. The mothers and fathers might be here illegally, but the people in those baby carriages along the streets of Paris have more right to be President of the United States than John McCain; they are unquestionably native born American citizens and Kentuckians. (And since it can easily be argued that being a Kentuckian has a lot more to do with assent than nationality, the mothers and fathers have a pretty good claim to Kentucky as well)

This is an incredibly geographically, socially, economically and culturally diverse place, I think we do need a Executive who is a compromiser among a broad variety of interests, both special and ordinary.

I imagine these bureaucracies to be like very complicated pipe organs. We have people like Greg Stumbo who have literally spent decades, day-in and day-out, becoming intimately familiar with how the pipe organ works.

This is not a pitch for Stumbo, I am just using him as an example. Knowing how the pipe organ works does not mean you can play one. For Stumbo, that will remain to be seen. But if you don't know what all the stops and pedals are for, you certainly can not play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D.

My favorite guy in Frankfort! Julian Carroll... One day, off in the very distant future, his epitaph should simply read: He Served

Gatewood is simply cut from a different bolt.

Jimmy.... I think it is passed time for you to come out of the closet and BE a Libertarian. -N

What separates Gatewood from the other candidates is that he is not mainstream. And thank God for that. Kentucky suffers because it is in the best interest of the mainstream candidates to hold back our state. This is how they retain their political power. I travel extensively throughout the state, and the people I talk to are disillusioned with our state political leaders. For instance, our Governor recently traveled to Asia on an economic development trip. I can't think of one instance where our acting Governor has brought about new job growth/creation into the state in which he was elected Cheif Executive Officer. Unemployment has skyrocketed every month in Kentucky since Beshear took office. He needs to think of ways to create jobs here @ home, instead of globetrotting on the taxpayers of Kentucky's dime. By the way, how successful was the Asian trip in the name of economic development? How many jobs did he bring back to Kentucky? My research can't find the first one.

I'm amazed that the above referenced three names, two politicians. Stumbo - who by all standards is as big a part of the problem as any single politician in the state. KY has continually told Stumbo we don't want or trust him as Governor. The only place he can be elected is within the corrupt House. Mike Maloney who recently represented Steve Nunn against Amanda Ross during a DVO hearing telling the judge Steve is no threat to her (watch Maloney's performance at kentucky.com) and Jullian Carrol who pleaded the 5th during indictment when asked "are you the Governor of KY" he replied "I plead the 5th". Throw these crooks out - Stumbo may know the pipes but Gatewood knows how to clean the pipes out. Oh and as to his campaign, they're looking pretty good to me. I've seen Gatewood every where on every vehicle. Gatewood has it this time.

The results of this poll speak for themselves.

Gatewood Galbraith may win this one. Those other guys have been in office for years and nothing has gotten done. Its getting worse. While they spend money traveling around with our money the unemployment rate is skyrocketing, we are the 5th poorest state in the nation, more poor than Mexico, Venezuela, and Russia and now Stumbo tells us we're 150 million dollars in the hole. Not to mention they've already spent everybody's retirement. The last person I'm voting for this time is someone who is already elected. i've never voted for Stumbo and never will. i voted for Fletcher and then Beshear and now I'm sorry i did. I'm gonna give Gatewood a chance and see if this man can really change things. I just started listening to him and read his website he makes a lot of sense. He sure can't be any worse than what we've already had. Let's give this guy a shot - he's gets an A for trying.

As I said, mine is not endorsement of Stumbo, he is just an exemplar of a master technician of the pipe organ.
I am no fan of Maloney, but it is unfair to criticize Maloney for who his clients might be.... Jimmy does tons of criminal defense work, giving voice to the voiceless in the courthouse. To criticize Maloney for representing Nunn is to criticize Jimmy for representing William Oliver, who killed my neighbor's daughter. That just isn't fair.
As for Carroll pleading the 5th, there are some hypertechnical legal reasons.
In answering a part of question with respect to crime causes a witness to loose the 5th Amendment Right. Prosecutors regularly use this strategy to force testimony from witnesses. The hypertechnical nature of this is regularly under review by cases before the US Supreme Court.

But any lawyer will tell you that to avoid the prosecutor's trap altogether and the cost of a 15-year long appeal to the US Supreme Court, the prudent tack is to take the 5th down the line.

I am not sure which case this was actually regarding as there were two. One involving the implementation of required auto insurance and another regarding a Frankfort real estate deal that dinged some upper level guys in the State Democratic Party. I think it was the insurance one, but that has been some 25yrs ago.


Jesus could be the Governor of KY ant it would not have anything to do with the macroeconomic issue that are driving our current economic woes.

I love Gatewood an Riley...They are Just what Kentucky has needed for a long time. If Gatewood was going to Lie to you he would of already been your Governor..What happen to Good Honest People???? So if you are looking for is someone that cares about Ky People and the Future of Ky...Look no FURTHER...Gatewood an Riley are the Ones to Elect...
They will make a Change in Kentucky with the Help of Kentucky People.......Vote for Gatewood and Riley 2011....

Who is Riley?

"The results of this poll speak for themselves.

Posted by: L Ann | 10/10/2009 at 05:04 PM"

The only problem with it is that people that don't care about Gatewood aren't googling his name and finding this site. It is a voluntary poll. The people most passionate about him will probably be the only ones to vote in an online poll like that. You're not getting any Besehear or Fletcher supporters who want to keep their parties in power except for the 6% who accidentally found this site because they take Gatewood seriously enough.

Sure, everyone is disillusioned and sick and tired of the same old crap in this state, but if Gatewood doesn't get some publicity and personally reach out to the "vote like mommy and daddy" voters who don't know a thing about issues that keep this state in the hole, then he's not going to stand a chance.

David, I agree with you. The poll here was never intended to be 'scientific.' In addition, i think the poll asked do you think Gatewood would be a good governor? There may people who would answer yes but who would'nt vote for him, most likely because they didnt think he had a chance to win; or that they always vote for the Democrat (or Republican). I think the biggest hurdle may be 'legitimacy' That is why in an earier post i suggested that the Gatewood campaign attempt to pull a coup and announce in advance of the election a well respected mainstream person as chief of staff or some other high level position. I'm not sure who that would be but someone like a Mike Maloney with connections in Frankfort. The other problem is that even if all the stars line up in the right place i think Gatewood is unlikely to get out of the mid to upper 30's. It would take a 3 way race that would allow someone to win with say 37% of the vote. This year could be that year but i agree with you that Gatewood has a lot of work to do.

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