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Erin Crump Moore---lives in Bourbon County and is listed on facebook.

I am a former resident of Paris and Bourbon County and a 1979 graduate of Bourbon County High School. I am a Police Officer in Clinton Ia. For extra assignments, I am Field Training Officer, an Evidence Tech, a Bike Officer, an Accident Reconstructionist and a Member of the SWAT team. I was the first female tactical officer in Iowa. My most important duties are that of a street officer working patrol. I have written a book called "Shades of Blue". It is about the situations that police officers deal with on a day to day basis. It portrays the emotional roller coaster that police officers experience. The book is currently at my publisher and hope to have it available in 4-6 months.

Thanks for you comment. Check back here often. I plan on eventually making this in addition to other things, a sort of clearing house for authors, readers in the immediate three of four county area. This should be benificial to all the authors i can locate. Feel free to make any suggestions you can think of. Thanks again

Both Brent Kelley of North bygosh Middletown and Marilyn Dungan of Vine Street have written multiple books. I am writing my own book on how to seduce back into the fold, lapsed Bourbon County IrishAmerican Catholics with IQs of over 90.
Special Agent Pat Conley
Stoner Creek Flood Zone :)

Murray West

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