I love you my Goose

  • I love you my Goose
    This book tells the story of an 11 year old boy who was diagnosed with cancer and fought a courageous battle with the disease before losing his life a day before his 14th birthday. The book is authored by the boy's dad and seeks to bring public attention to the horror of childhood cancer by putting a face on this childhood killer.

Jimmy Brannon blog

  • Jimmy Brannon blog
    This blog is a forum authored by a central Kentucky lawyer and journalist offering news and commentary on a broad range of topics sprinkled with humor and opinion polls on a variety of matters affecting central Kentucky, the state and nation.

Patrick Brannon Memorial Dog Park

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Bourbon County Authors

  • Berkeley/Jeanine Scott
    The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Paris and Bourbon County, Bourbon County 1860-1940
  • Brent Kelley
    San Francisco Seals 1946-1957, The horse doctor is in, They too wore pinstripes: Interviews with 20 Glory Day New York Yankees, The case for those overlooked by the Baseball Hall of Fame, Baseball's biggest blunder, I will never forget, James Monroe: American statesman, The Negro Leagues Revisited, Voices from the Negro Leagues, The Pastime in Turbulence, Baseball stars of the 1950's, Horse breeds of the world, In the shadow of the babe, Horse care and health, Keith Van Horn, George McClellan: Union General, James Madison: father of the Constitution
  • Cindy West
    Nature Explorer Series books Shining Dawn Books.
  • David/Lalie Dick
    Outhouse Blues, A journal for Lalie, Kentucky-A state of mind, Let there be light, Follow the storm, Rivers of Kentucky, The Quiet Kentuckians, Home Sweet Kentucky, A conversation with Peter Pence, The Scourages of Heaven, The View from Plum Lick, Peace at the Center
  • Erin Crump Moore
    All I ever wanted, Flame
  • Garnett Brown
    A death in the family, Charlie Brown's Vietnam Journal
  • Jimmy Brannon
    I love you my Goose
  • Kevin Garrison
    The CEO of the Cockpit, Clear Left, I'll have the chicken, So you're dead--A novice's guide to non-being,
  • Marilyn Dungan
    Accidental Intent, Snakebird, Field of Stones, A River Away, The Tape
  • Martha Stiles
    One among the Indians, Lonesome Road, Kate of still waters, Island Magic, James the vine puller, Sarah the dragon lady, The strange house at Newburyport, The star in the forest, Darkness over the land, dial press, Tana and the useless monkey, Dougal looks for birds
  • Mollie McFarland Galusha
  • Murray West
  • Robert E. Toohey
    Liberty and Empire
  • Sherry Chandler
    Dance the Black-Eyed Girl, My will and testament is on the deck
  • Tom Leach
    Rich Tradition

Harrison County authors

Nicholas County

  • Charles L. Roe
    Adrift: A memoir, Cumberland: a novel, Greenup Time, Moonbeam and mistflowers
  • Gayle Kelley
    My Brain Gets Full
  • Barbara Kingsolver
    Animal Dreams (1987) The Bean Trees (1988) Pigs in Heaven (1993) The Poisonwood Bible (1998) Prodigal Summer (2000) The Lacuna (2009)Mid-Life Confidential: The Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America With Three Cords and an Attitude (1994) (with Dave Barry, Stephen King, Tabitha King and Amy Tan) High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never (1995) Holding the Line: Women in the Great Arizona Mine Strike of 1983 (1996) Barbara Kingsolver: in Conversation (1998) Small Wonder: Essays (2002) Last Stand: America's Virgin Lands (2002) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Our Year of Seasonal Eating (2007)
  • Frank F. Mathias
    GI Jive: An army bandsman in World War II, The GI Generation: A memoir
  • Gatewood Galbraith
    The Last Free Man in America: Meets the Synthetic Subversion
  • Don Dampier
    Finding the Fifties, Why write a book

I love you my Goose

  • 04B
    The cover of my book to be available for purchase by early 2010. To visit book's web site: http://www.iloveyoumygoose.com/